Maximizer CRM Client Referral Program

We all know that references from existing clients are the best types of prospects for any business. At inc., we have always welcomed referrals from our clients. Over the years, many current clients began with a referral from an existing client!

In order to compensate our clients for the time they spend when talking to colleagues, business partners and friends who may be having problems managing their customer relationships, inc. has developed a Maximizer CRM Client Referral Program.

Subject to the Terms and Conditions below, any client who refers a potential client to inc. will receive either of the following after that potential client becomes a client of inc.:

  • 10% of the value of Professional Services delivered by inc. to the new client as a credit to your next invoice for Professional Services or additional licenses
  • 7.5% of the value of Professional Services delivered by inc. to the new client paid by cheque to the person or company referring the new client

Terms and Conditions

  1. You must explain to the prospective new client how Maximizer CRM has helped you and your business to improve your marketing, sales and/or service to your customers.
  2. Once you have done (1) above, you must send us complete prospect contact information by email.
  3. Purchase of Professional Services for any edition or version of Maximizer CRM is valid: Maximizer CRM Live, Maximizer CRM On-premise (Group Edition or Enterprise Edition), or Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager.
  4. Only the value of Professional Services (such as Consulting, Installation & Training) delivered by inc. in the 6 (six) months after initial license or subscription purchase will count towards any credits or payments.
  5. Professional Services delivered by Maximizer Services Inc. as well as the cost of licenses, maintenance and/or subscriptions purchased by the new client are specifically excluded from the credits or payments.
  6. Payments by cheque will be made within 15 days of payments for Professional Services by inc. being received.
  7. Credits will be reported to you and accumulated until your next purchase of Professional Services or additional licenses from inc. only.

Of course, we will update you as various milestones are reached while we develop a relationship with the prospective clients you refer to us!

We thank you for your business and very much appreciate any referrals you may choose to make to inc.!

For more information, please contact me directly!

John Marrett
514-488-1221 x201
j.marrett (at)

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